Using a new crock pot.

Ever since I ran out of my most popular soap, Lavender Chamomile, during the holidays I’ve been making soap using hot process. I love the rustic marbled look and the rich, rough tops. Sure, I vans do fancy swirls or mica rivers but that’s not my style anyway. Those soaps are so beautiful and are truly works of art but can sometimes be too pretty to want to use. I want mine to be too good to NOT use!

Enter the humble crock pot. I started out with a small 2 quart one for melt and pour then started using our 4 quart kitchen crock pot for hot process. Now, I have 3 for hot process (and the small m&p one. Right now I’m trying out the new 8 quart boy I bought to make double batches. First up: why lavender chamomile of course!




So this is it, huh? I’ve entered (tentatively) into the world of blogging! I wonder how many people will actually read this and whether or not I will actually find the time to keep up with it. Being a full time project assistant, mom and small business owner doesn’t leave time for all that much.

I do have a few projects and ideas in the works so I figured this was the best way to share them with everyone. This will be my space to share recipes, ideas, upcoming markets, collaborations and DIY projects.

More to come soon (I promise)!